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Coloring Pages for Kids
African Savannah (Serengeti) Coloring Pages

An African Savannah is a grassland habitat. A very famous savannah is the serengeti, located mainly in Tanzania. "Serengeti" actually means "endless plains". Africa has a wide variety of animals; many of which are reptiles and amphibians. It is a very hot habitat but many species manage to thrive throughout the vast plains. We have provided a number of coloring pages featuring the reptiles and amphibians of the Serengeti (African Savannah). Children can print and color these pages to discover more about the habitat of the Serengeti, but these coloring pages are also fun for people of all ages!


< Serengeti Animals

Serengeti Plants >

Serengeti Reptiles and Amphibians:

agamas coloring page
chameleon coloring page
common house gecko coloring page
Common House Gecko
leopard tortoise coloring page
Leopard Tortoise
monitor lizard coloring page
Monitor Lizard
nile crocodile coloring page
Nile Crocodile
rock python coloring page
Rock Python