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Great Barrier Reef Coloring Pages

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on the planet; it is so large that you can even see it from space! Since this habitat lies mainly under the water, the plants and animals that call the Great Barrier Reef their home have many interesting adaptations. We have provided a number of coloring pages featuring the animals of the Great Barrier Reef. Interestingly, species such as coral and anenomes are actually animals, although they root themselves in the ground like plants. Children can print and color these pages to discover more about the habitat of the Great Barrier Reef. These coloring pages are fun for people of all ages too!


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Great Barrier Reef Animals:

Coral coloring page
Coral coloring page
Dugong coloring page
Dolphin coloring page
Humpback Whale coloring page
Humpback Whale
Jellyfish coloring page
Jellyfish Swarm coloring page
Jellyfish Swarm
Estuarine Crocodile coloring page
Saltwater Crocodile
Sea Turtle coloring page
Sea Turtle
Squid coloring page
Whale Shark coloring page
Whale Shark
Sea Eagle coloring page
White Bellied Sea Eagle
Sea Snake coloring page
Yellow Bellied Sea Snake