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Mojave Desert Coloring Pages

The Mojave Desert is located in the United States – mainly in southern California and southern Nevada. A desert is a habitat that receives very little precipitation (like rain or snow) each year. Despite the small amount of water, there are many different plants and animals found in the Mojave Desert. We have provided a number of coloring pages featuring the plants and animals of the Mojave Desert. Children can print and color these pages to discover more about the habitat of the Mojave Desert. These coloring pages are fun for people of all ages too!


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Mojave Desert Animals:

Black Crowned Night Heron coloring page
Black Crowned Night Heron
bats coloring page
Brown Bats
Coyote coloring page
Desert Horned Lizard coloring page
Desert Horned Lizard
Desert Tortoise coloring page
Desert Tortoise
golden eagle coloring page
Golden Eagle
Kangaroo Rat coloring page
Kangaroo Rat
Mountain Lion coloring page
Mountain Lion
Red Tailed Hawk coloring page
Red Tailed Hawk
Roadrunner coloring page
Rattlesnake coloring page
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake



Mojave Desert Plants:

Bitter Root coloring page
California Poppy coloring page
California Poppy
Canterbury Bells coloring page
Canterbury Bells
Desert Chicory coloring page
Desert Chicory
Five Spot coloring page
Desert Five-spot
Desert Lily coloring page
Desert Lily
Desert Senna coloring page
Desert Senna
Fiddleneck coloring page
Joshua Tree coloring page
Joshua Tree
Prickly Pear Flower coloring page
Prickly Pear Flower
Sacred Datura coloring page
Sacred Datura
Yerba Mansa coloring page
Yerba Mansa
Yucca coloring page
Mojave Yucca