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Printing F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Most print problems I experience when I'm surfing are the result of temporary glitches. The first thing I always do is bookmark where I was, reboot my computer (including shutting down my printer) and then start everything up again.  I then go back in to where I was and try printing again.  I've found that 90% of the time this solves whatever is wrong.  Assuming that doesn't work, try looking through the Questions and Answers below to see if any apply.

Q.  I have a Lexmark printer and some of the images will not print even though I can see them on the screen.  Why is this?  

A.  I don't know the technical reasons for this but it has to do with the settings in your printer software.  Basically, if you want to print in BLACK and WHITE you need to "tell" (set) the printer to print only B/W -- if set on automatic it prints a blank page or doesn't print at all, the same procedure has to be done for COLOR printing, set to color and print. For some reason It does not read automatic setting.   Here is a more technical explanation provided by Lexmark that one of our viewers shared with us:

"For Windows 2000/XP, to check the print processor, right click on the printer driver icon and left click on Properties. Choose the Advanced tab. Click the print processor button. The Lexmark Print Processor is the first choice of print formats, with the LEMF datatype best for use with Lexmark inkjet printers. Using RAW or NT EMF is also an excellent test. If this fails, try the WinPrint processor. This is the Windows resident print processor."

Q.  I use NETSCAPE 6 and the templates suddenly won't print.  

A.  Netscape 6 did a few things to fix the "problems" in Netscape 4.7.  Unfortunately, the things I did to make the templates print properly in 4.7 for people who use Large Fonts instead of Normal fonts make the templates not print in Netscape 6 (I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at this point).  Anyways, to print templates in Netscape 6, simple right click on the image and choose VIEW IMAGE.  Print from there.  

Q.  I use WebTV and am not able to simply "type the L" at the end of the URL to get the no frames version.

In DLTK's Crafts for Kids, I've provided a separate link for the Web TV version, so you can just click that.  On coloring.ws, though, I've saved time and webspace (coloring is on a physically smaller server) by only providing the regular page and asking folks to type the L. The only solution to the problem in coloring.ws is to write the entire template URL address with an (L added) and then click GO TO.  In other words, you would have to first find the page they want to print -- type the whole address (the portion after http://www) and enter this plus an "L", click GO TO and this will take you to the template without a header.

Q. The right side of the picture is getting cut off.  What can I do?

A. The size of the image will vary depending upon your browser.  The margin size will also vary.  Some browsers will allow you to adjust the size of the margin as well as the header and footer (FILE, PAGE SETUP and FILE, PRINTER SETUP are the most common places where this is done.   Check your on-line help files for more info.  You can always right click on the image to save it to your hard drive and print from another program.   Note: you cannot adjust the margins in AOL but I believe you can scale down the image. Try making it 95% of the original size if your printer is having trouble with them).

Q.  I live overseas and use A4 paper. Do you have your projects available for this size?

A.  No but you can right click on the image, save it to your hard disk and open in another program to scale and print.

Q.  When I try to print a page, I only get part of the page. Do I have to do something special to make the whole page print?

A.  See the section below "Freeing Up Memory for Printing."

Q.  When I try to print some pages, nothing happens. I don't get an error message but nothing prints. 

A.  See the section below "Freeing Up Memory for Printing."

Q.  When I try to print a page, I get part of the page, but then I just get a big black box?

A.  See the section below "Freeing Up Memory for Printing."

Q.  When I try to print some pages, I receive the error message "NO PAGES AVAILABLE TO PRINT". 

A.  Click your RELOAD or REFRESH button and try printing again or right click on the image, save it to your hard disk and open it in another program to print.


Freeing Up Memory for Printing

Large images like our pages need a lot of free memory. When your page doesn't print or only partially prints try freeing up some memory.

  1. Reboot your computer and start again fresh.
  2. To prevent this problem from occurring, in the future reduce the number of templates you're trying to print at one time (give your printer a chance to get part way or all the way through the template before moving to the next).
  3. Be aware that the color templates are larger files than the B&W ones so you'll need to give the printer extra time to get through those.
  4. On my husband's P3, we've never had this problem, but on my old hand me down I try to print no more than two things at once.

Still stuck?  

Email us and we'll try to help.  Please include any error messages you are getting and the web browser you are using.