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Christmas Coloring Pages

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Christmas coloring pages


Text list of all the Christmas coloring pages we have available for you to color:

Saint Nicholas

Santa Claus - Movable pieces to cut out and put together:  page 1  page 2

Santa Claus - simple coloring page of Santa's face

Santa Claus - coloring page of a friendly looking Santa Claus face with glasses

Santa Claus - coloring page of a friendly, old Santa Claus face

Santa Claus face

Santa Claus face - winking

Santa Claus face - saying "Oh No!"

Santa dressed for bedtime, holding a cookie

Santa ready for bed, holding a candle

Santa getting dressed on Christmas morning

Santa dressed for work

Santa carrying a bag of gifts

Santa carrying a bag of presents

Santa giving a present to a boy

Santa waving hello

Santa checking his list

Santa checking a very long list

Santa in his sleigh

Santa coming down the chimney - he's chubby and a bit stuck

Santa peeking over the chimney

Santa going down the chimney head first

Santa's feet coming out into the fireplace

Santa's boots in the fireplace

Santa eating cookies and milk

Santa caught in the act

Stocking - very simple coloring page of a stocking that children can decorate creatively.  Great for fingerpainting!


Stocking and cat

Stocking and little girl

Stocking and mouse

Stockings hung by the fireplace

Stocking stuffed with candy and toys

Stocking stuffed with gifts

Stocking with a skinny toe

Stocking with a chubby toe

Teddy Bear

Wreath 1

Wreath 2

Wreath 3

Wreath 4

Wreath 5

Wreath 6

Wreath 7

Wreath 8

Wreath with Merry Christmas

Wreath - Table Decoration

Wreath for Table - with faces 1

Wreath for Table - with faces 2